Florida Chemical Company has announced a 4.5 million dollar expansion at their Winter Haven facility. The expansion includes multiple tanks, a state of the art still, boilers, chillers, and nitrogen generators. "The initial objective of this venture was to provide much needed tank space, as well as greater capacity to distill raw materials," says company president Josh Snively. "Ultimately, the customer wins. Because we now control more aspects of the distillation process, we will have even more ability to ensure we maintain the high standards we have always had for the quality of our products." Work began on this project in April 2011, and should be completely operational by May 2012.

Aristotle once said, “In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous”. This sentiment resolutely held by Henry Elbert “Bert” Schulz, even before the current ideals to respect and preserve the environment were popular, led him along with his father, W.H. Schulz, to find a way to convert streams of citrus wastewater into molasses and alcohol. The year was 1942 when they began selling their products from the “Florida Molasses Company”, later renamed Florida Chemical Company. The company is still owned by the Schulz family, and continues to be driven by the belief that nature holds a wealth of unearthed treasures.

Through innovation, organization and diversification, Florida Chemical has evolved into a technologically advanced, financially sound company with manufacturing facilities in Winter Haven, Florida, and Houston, Texas. The company also has four strategic warehouse locations in the United States. Florida Chemical Company currently operates in 80 international markets on five continents.

Florida Chemical Company is one of the largest processors of citrus oils in the world, producing large volumes of d-Limonene and Flavor and Fragrance compounds. D-limonene, occurring in nature as the main component of citrus peel oil, is the company’s principle product. It is a very effective, biodegradable solvent and degreaser. Due to its high solvency, attractive citrus odor, versatility, and GRAS rating (“Generally Recognized As Safe”) from the USDA, d Limonene can be used safely and effectively in a wide range of cleaning and degreasing applications. During the past 70 years, the company has successfully increased the awareness and utilization of d-Limonene as an effective replacement for petroleum and chlorinated based products. “FCC’s evolution in the past 70 years is quite remarkable”, stated FCC’s president Josh Snively, “The size and scope of the d-Limonene market today is a tribute to the vision Bert Schulz developed so many years ago. His passion for environmental stewardship and his entrepreneurial vision remain core principles we follow today.”

Industry experts are predicting a good crop from the Florida growers for the approaching 2012-2013 harvest. Weather conditions have been favorable for fruit development and high fruit count. Private industry estimates are anticipating a crop harvest 10-15% greater than last years harvest. As usual at this time of year, weather conditions continue to pose a threat to the citrus industry. Hurricane activity is expected to be higher than originally predicted. Weather experts have noted higher than anticipated activity thus far in the 2012 hurricane season. September 10 is considered to be mid-point in the Atlantic Hurricane season. If weather conditions do not damage the current Florida crop, harvest levels are expected to be in the 150-160 million box range. The harvest is not expected to begin until December time frame.

The US Department of Agriculture’s National Agriculture Statistics Service (NASS) provides an estimate for Florida citrus production monthly throughout the season. Estimates begin in October of each season. The first estimate for the 2012-2013 harvest will be October 11, 2012. We will continue to post updates as information becomes available.

Last week, the OJ futures market rallied on anticipated weather concerns. The long range forecast issued by NOAA and WeatherBELL call for below-normal temperatures for south Florida from December through February. The probability of abnormal weather has caused speculators to buy into the market which has caused prices to rise. There is correlation between FCOJ prices and citrus oil prices. Although citrus oil prices have not responded to weather concerns at this time, we do expect activity to increase between now and year-end if weather forecasters continue to call for adverse weather.

Each year, Florida Chemical employees get together and contribute to a charity. This year, our focus was to support the local Hearth Project’s Fill-A-Gift-Bag holiday campaign. The “Fill-A-Gift-Bag” project serves our community by collecting food and hygiene products for homeless students within Polk County schools. The goal of the Hearth Project is to provide school-aged children with these necessities so that they can remain in school. We hope our efforts will encourage you to help those in need within your community.

d-Limonene from Florida Chemical Company, Inc. is a very effective, biodegradable solvent and degreaser, ocurring in nature as the main component of citrus peel oil. Due to its high solvency, attractive citrus odor, versatility, and GRAS rating ("Generally Recognized As Safe") from the US FDA, d-Limonene can be used safely and effectively in a wide range of products and applications.

This information is offered only as a guide.
Please contact Florida Chemical Company, Inc. for formulation assistance.

Acid Number 0.40
Aldehyde Content 0.37% to 1.50%
Auto-ignition Temperature Unknown
Boiling Point 349° F (176°C)
Coefficient of Expansion 0.761 mL/L/°C

0.425 mL/L/°F

158.2 mL/drum/°C, 88.3mL/drum/°F
Color Colorless
Copper Strip Number 0
Cubical Expansion Coefficient 0.00023 mL/L @ temp. change of 2.88°F or 1.6°C
Dielectric Constant 2.3
Dielectric Strength 48,000 volts/cm
Entropy, Temperature Coefficient of 0.2032 at 20.2°C (ds/dt) ρ
Ester Content 0.07% to 2.46%
Evaporation Residue 0.03% to 0.80%
Flash Point (TCC) 123°F (50°C)
Freezing Point -142°F (-96.7°C)
Hanus Iodine Number 79.1
Heat Capacity 0.438 cal/g/°C
Heat of Combustion 1.473.9 kcal/mol @ 77°F (25°C)
19,470 BTU/lb @ 68°F (20°C)
45 kJ/g
Heat of Formation -13 kcal/mol at 25°CLange 1985
Heat of Vaporization ΔvH= 10,508.4 cal/mol
Heat Transfer Coefficient 11.52 BTU/h ⋅ ft2 ⋅ °F
Kauri-Butanol Number 67
Liquid Density 0.844 g/mL @ 68°F (20°C)
Melting Point -74.35° C
Molecular Formula C10H16
Molecular Weight 136.23 g/mol
Odor Clean citrus odor
Optical Rotation +96° to +104°
Peroxide Value Not more than 2.0
Purity 94% to 95% (varies by grade)
Refractive Index 1.4710 to 1.4740
Saponification Number 1.50
Specific Gravity at 20° C 0.84 - 0.85
Specific Gravity at 25° C 0.838 to 0.843
Specific Heat 0.49 BTU/lb @ 80°F (26.7°C)
[59.62 cal ⋅ g/mol @ 68.4°F (20.2°C)]
Thermal Conductivity 0.17482-0.0001873T
T is in Kelvin, and units are Joules/second ⋅ meter ⋅ Kelvin
Vapor Density 0.015 g/L @ 68°F (20°C)
Vapor Pressure 1 mmHg - 14°C (57°F)
2 mmHg - 20°C (68°F)
10 mmHg - 54°C (129°F)
40 mmHg - 84°C (183°F)
100 mmHg - 108°C (226°F)
400 mmHg - 151°C (304°F)
760 mmHg - 178°C (352°F)
Viscosity at 25° C 0.9 cP
VOC Content 95%, 850 g/L

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The process begins with fruit pressing to extract the juice from the fruit and the oil from the rind. This oil is cold pressed orange oil. The cold pressed orange oil is vacuum distilled to recover folded oils and citrus fractions used in flavor and fragrance applications.

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