Florida Chemical Company offers a line of formulated products to help you offer safer, environmentally-friendly solutions to your customers, without expensive formulation and R&D time. Product List
** Use brand logos found in Florida_Chemical_Introduction_Folder.pdf Formulated Products Citrus Burst® Product Line These products are proprietary citrus-based formulations for specific applications. They are designed to make formulating new products easier and to reduce unnecessary ingredient inventories. These concentrated (no water) formulations can be used as starting points for numerous retail and industrial products. Our Citrus Burst® line is formulated with the environment in mind and all products are nonyl-phenol free (no NP-surfactants), ODC free (no ozone depleting chemicals), HAP free (no hazardous air pollutants).

Citrus Burst® 1 is a concentrated blend of D-Limonene, citrus components, and surfactant. It is ideally suited for general purpose cleaners and degreasers, and it can be diluted with water to make stable, milkywhite emulsions. It can also be used to formulate multiple household and industrial cleaning products and blends well with other ingredients to make more complex product formulations. Citrus Burst® 2 is a concentrated blend of D-Limonene, citrus components, and surfactant. It has a high concentration of D-Limonene, making it better for applications requiring more solvent cleaning power. Citrus Burst® 2 is ideal for cleaning applications where a water rinse is required. Citrus Burst® 2 can be diluted with water at time of use or blended with other solvents to fine tune the formulation. Citrus Burst® 3 is a one-step answer for formulating clear industrial and household cleaners with high concentrations of water. The concentrated formulation is made with the latest plant-based surfactant technology. Products made with Citrus Burst® 3 can be tinted to any color. The product can be used as a starter or base to make a wide variety of household or industrial products. Citrus Burst® 7 is a patented formulation of D-Limonene and natural, plant-derived esters. This product has high solvency and can be used for heavy-duty degreasing and industrial cleaning applications. It dries with little residue or can be rinsed with water. All components in Citrus Burst® 7 are Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by the FDA. Citrus Burst® 8 is a unique blend of vegetable esters, citrus terpenes, and surfactants. With its high flash point (>142°), it is ideal for parts cleaning and heavy degreasing applications. The product is very effective at removing crude oil, tar, and asphalt. It can be rinsed with water or diluted at the time of use to make a time release macroemulsion. Citrus Burst® 100 is an industrial cleaner and degreaser made with plant-based solvents formulated with low VOC technology. This product penetrates heavy grease, oil, petroleum oil and can be diluted for degreasing, steam cleaning, and power washing. Its high flash point (201°F) makes the formula safe for parts cleaners. This product is certified as a Clean Air Solvent by the South Coast Air Quality Management District. CitruSoy® Product Line Our citrus and soybean-based formulations are designed for many types of industrial cleaning applications. These bio-based alternative solvents have excellent chemical properties, a pleasant citrus fragrance and offer many environmental benefits. Our CitruSoy® line is 100% bio-based, ODC free (no ozone depleting chemicals), HAP free (no hazardous air pollutants) and contain no petroleum-based solvents. CITRUSoy® High Flash is a combination of D-Limonene and soy methyl ester with a flash point greater than 140°F, making it ideal for parts washing and general degreasing applications requiring a nonflammable solvent. CITRUSoy® Super High Flash is a solvent based on soy methyl ester with a light citrus fragrance. It is ideal for applications requiring a flash point greater than 200°F. It is a slow evaporating solvent with excellent penetrating characteristics. This product has been awarded Design for the Environment recognition by the US-EPA. Custom Blends & Product Development Projects Florida Chemical Company has a proven track record of developing proprietary, green chemistry formulas designed to meet a specific application or customer need. If our existing products do not meet your requirements, please contact us. We offer confidential product development and formulation support. Additional Formulation Products
** Use brand logos found in Florida_Chemical_Introduction_Folder.pdf In addition to our traditional citrus line, Florida Chemical Company offers the following items to complement your formulating needs: E-Z Mulse® 
A proprietary surfactant package designed to emulsify D-Limonene, orange oil and other terpenes in water. Natural MulseTM 
Custom surfactants designed to address specific environmental and product performance requirements. Soybean and Vegetable Esters 
Additional plant-based solvents that will bring performance attributes to product formulations. Limonene X
Other natural terpenes for use in applications when cost is an issue and citrus terpenes and fragrance are not required. 
Applications Florida Chemical Company’s formulated products are best-in-class, bio-based chemistry solutions for household, institutional and industrial applications ranging from upholstery cleaner to engine degreaser. Industries using our products include automotive, household consumer products, oil and gas, printing, and water treatment.

Essential oils and FTNF citrus fractions are cold-pressed and distilled to produce the highest quality natural products.. The process begins with fruit pressing to extract the juice from the fruit and the oil from the rind. This oil is cold pressed orange oil. The cold pressed orange oil is vacuum distilled to recover folded oils and citrus fractions used in flavor and fragrance applications. Product List Fresh Notes Citrus Flavor & Fragrance Fractions
Fresh Notes® are specialty citrus fractions for flavor and fragrance applications. Octanal Linalool Nonanal Decanal a-Terpineol Dodecanal Valencene Cadinene Sesquiterpenes Sinensals Nootkatone Light Fraction Fresh Notes Citrus Extracts Terpene-Free Extracts Terpeneless Orange Oil (Organic Certified fractions are also available) Essential Citrus Oils Essential Citrus Oils are extracted from FTNF citrus for use in a large number of applications. One of our most popular citrus oil products is cold-pressed orange oil, which is a food grade product that is used in the flavor and fragrance industry. This oil is an ingredient in fruit flavors and floral perfume blends. Cold-pressed orange oil contains over 90% D-Limonene. It is a common additive to many products requiring citrus fragrance because of the sweet and fresh notes of the product.
 Midseason Orange Oil Valencia Orange Oil 5-Fold Orange Oil 10-Fold Orange Oil Color Rectified Orange Oil Organic Orange Oil (NOP Certified) Orange Essence Oil Grapefruit Oil Lemon Oil Lime Oil Tangerine Oil Pineapple Aroma Applications Consumer Products 
Food Additives

d-Limonene is a very effective, naturally occurring, biodegradable solvent and degreaser extracted from the peel of oranges. It is 100% natural, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic. Due to its attractive citrus aroma, versatility, and Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) rating by the FDA, D-Limonene can be used safely and effectively in a wide range of products. Product List d-Limonene 
d-Limonene is available in various grades: • Technical Grade D-Limonene • Food Grade D-Limonene • EPA Registered Grade D-Limonene • High Purity D-Limonene • Ultra High Purity D-Limonene • Fragrance Grade D-Limonene Other Citrus Terpenes • Orange Terpenes (Flavor or Fragrance Grade) • Grapefruit Terpenes • Tangerine Terpenes • Lemon Terpenes • Lime Terpenes • Myrcene • a-Pinene Applications • Automotive • Household / Institutional Cleaning • Industrial • Manufacturing / Maintenance • Pharmaceutical / Medical • Recycling • Remediation / Abatement • Water Treatment

Material Safety Data Sheets

Technical Support Please click on the following for additional support information: Compatibility Chart Chemical Constants pH and d-Limonene Packaging and Bottling Storage Handling MSDS
Florida Chemical Company Research and Product Development Lab We offer a complete quality control and R&D lab with advanced analytical equipment. Our experienced team of citrus and formulation chemists can assist you with: New product development Consumer/Retail product formulations Industrial/Institutional product formulations Surfactant selection Patented solvent formulations and green solvents Co-ingredient identificationvProduct testing, evaluation and matching
d-Limonene is the major component of the oil extracted from the citrus rind during the citrus juicing process. When the fruit is juiced, the oil is pressed out of the rind, then separated from the juice and distilled to recover certain flavor and fragrance compounds. After the juicing process, the peels are conveyed to a steam extractor. When the steam is condensed, a layer of oil floats on the surface of the condensed water. This removes the bulk of the oil from the peel. Food grade d-Limonene is extracted through the juicing process and Technical grade d-Limonene is removed through the peel steam extraction process.
Renewable and Sustainable Citrus Oils Lifecycle The citrus oils manufacturing process is part of a renewable and sustainable closed loop within the citrus industry. Florida Chemical delivers a stable, high-quality citrus oil supply because we have a long-established position within the citrus industry. Not only do we provide you with environmentally responsible products -- we are a supply partner that you can count on.
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FreshNotes™, Citrus Isolates


The process begins with fruit pressing to extract the juice from the fruit and the oil from the rind. This oil is cold pressed orange oil. The cold pressed orange oil is vacuum distilled to recover folded oils and citrus fractions used in flavor and fragrance applications.

Essential Citrus Oils

  • Orange Terpenes
  • Grapefruit Terpenes
  • Tangerine Terpenes
  • Lemon Terpenes
  • Lime Terpenes
  • Myrcene
  • a-Pinene

Product List

FreshNotes™ Citrus Flavor & Fragrance Fractions

FreshNotes™ are specialty citrus fractions for flavor and fragrance applications.














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