How Can Essential Oils Help Gamblers?


Wednesday, 09 November 2016 04:31

Essential oils for focusDid you know that essential oils have an impressive number of benefits on our health and well-being, including our brain? According to Yale Scientific, it would appear that the scent of the essential oils reaches the limbic system, including the primal brain responsible for memory, instinct and mood. Since we need good instincts to play a game of poker or slots, memory to remember the rules, and a good gambling mood to wager, the connection between essential oils and gambling is not that hard to guess.

How Do Essential Oils Work?

  • When smelling an essential oil, small molecules are being dissolved in the mucus of the olfactory epithelium found on the roof of the nose. The respective molecules are known to stimulate olfactory receptors, which are responsible for causing sensory neurons to carry signals to the olfactory bulb. The bulb will then initiate the processing and filtering of the input signals of the scent.

  • Next, mitral cells will carry the output signals to the olfactory cortex. This helps us recognize the scent. The same cells will also carry the signals to areas in the limbic system responsible for mood, memory, and instinct.

  • Hence, the connection between certain smells and the memories they trigger. But essential oils are also good methods of preventing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Aromatherapy And Gambling

If you like to play pokies for real money or poker is your guilty pleasure, but you rarely win or manage to keep your focus well enough, aromatherapy might be the thing for you.

Essential oils do not only positively affect the health of the gut and the immunity system, but they also work well in detoxification processes and hormone balancing. They also have excellent effects on the mental state as well, and they are natural mood boosters. When gamblers get into the mood to play, they usually feel eager to do something fun or relaxing. When Better focus means better luckthey are in a bad overall mood, feeling anxious, stressed, or depressed, they might have problems getting into the right gambling mood. They mind is not clear enough to allow them to fully enjoy their games, and the overall experience might be a complete failure. Of course there is always a new day, and plenty of excellent casinos to choose from, many of them online on platforms like Passionate players and newcomers who have just signed up and registered an account for the first time can find a variety of excellent gambling solutions, no matte rhow pretentious they might be. Websites that solely specialize in slots or poker games, or complex casinos that encompass the entire range of casino games and rewarding bonuses and promotions will always be popular if you are not sure how to din the most reliable of them, you can use information found on the previously mentioned site, read fresh and honest reviews and look at ranking so you will know exactly what to pick.

For better results with your focus and memory during game play, you can use a variety of essential oils, including citrus scented oils.

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