Pioneer in citrus oil applications.


Since 1942, we have sustained our commitment to producing the highest quality essential oils and flavor and fragrance ingredients. Our roots in the citrus industry and position in the heart of the citrus belt ensures that our products and services exceed customer expectations.

Vision & Values



Florida Chemical Company is a global leader in the citrus industry, dedicated to helping companies around the world develop solutions from the finest quality citrus components and other plant based products.

Vision & Values





Florida Chemical Company has been a sustainable partner to the citrus industry since 1942, when Bert Schulz pioneered the use of d-limonene as an industrial bio-solvent.

Today, we have the manufacturing capacity to process over 17 million kilos of citrus oil annually to make terpene chemistries and flavor compounds. Our facility is in the heart of Florida’s citrus belt with strategic partnerships with fruit processors worldwide. Florida Chemical Company has proactively supported the flavor and fragrance market for over 73 years. Our product offering includes orange oil, other citrus oils, terpenes, citrus flavors and isolates.

The company’s strategic footprint covers numerous markets and provides advantages due to our unique manufacturing ability. The Winter Haven plant dominates in the market due to high volumes of citrus oil processed to create compounds from a renewable and sustainable raw material stream.


Providing best-in-class quality


Florida Chemical Company is dedicated to the production of the highest quality essential oils and citrus isolates. Our orange oils and other products are certified FTNF (From The Named Fruit).

In addition to d-limonene and other terpenes, we offer citrus oil, orange oil, citrus flavors, octanal, nonanal, decanal, valencene, nootkatone, linalool, and many other bio-based products that impart desirable flavor and fragrance attributes.


We also offer the following certifications and services:

Certified food grade manufacturing facility

GMP compliant facility

Kosher-certified products

Retain samples on each lot

Quality assurance for raw materials & finished products

Worldwide nework


Delivering world-class service


The Florida Chemical Company production facility operates 24/7/365. We have experienced QC, R&D, Product Development that utilize advanced analytical equipment. We maintain the highest level of quality control which allows us to detect trace levels of agricultural residues to ensure compliance that meet global standards.

Our experience staff provides logistics and onsite customer service ordering to reduce lead time allowing for just-in-time inventory management. We source raw materials globally and maintain a substantial product inventory to balance the seasonality normally associated with commodities and citrus based products.

The Newsroom


Each year, Florida Chemical employees get together and contribute to a charity. This year, our focus was to support the local Hearth Project’s Fill-A-Gift-Bag holiday campaign. The “Fill-A-Gift-Bag” project serves our community by collecting food and hygiene products for homeless students within Polk County schools. The goal of the Hearth Project is to provide school-aged children with these necessities so that they can remain in school. We hope our efforts will encourage you to help those in need within your community.

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The Florida Chemical Company team is devoted to making our products and service a valuable component of your business success. Contact us for access to product samples of all our products.

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